Museum Of The Bible Selects Curia For Conservation, Exhibition Support

Museum of the Bible has selected Curia to support its conservation and exhibition planning efforts, extending its reputation as a technological leader within the museum community. Curia is a dedicated exhibition planning and management system designed to assist curators, conservators, registrars, and exhibition managers in the efficient planning of museum exhibitions. Numerous museums utilize Curia to expedite and optimize the exhibition planning and installation processes. Museum of the Bible successfully uses Curia to collaborate on exhibition development as well as to facilitate a complex exhibition rotation schedule. The museum is steward to an extensive collection of ancient books and manuscripts. Managing an artifact rotation schedule, including tracking conservation needs, installation requirements, and associated exhibition labels is an incredibly complex task. [...]

For museums, technology offers promise – but few products

By nature, museums tend to focus on the past. When it comes to technology, though, they often find themselves stuck there. It’s not the sort of issue that museum visitors or donors are likely to think about, but for those of us in the museum environment, it’s a very real and growing problem, a problem with multiple causes and too few ready solutions. Early in November, I represented the Detroit Institute of Arts at the annual MCN Conference in Pittsburgh. MCN is short for “Museum Computer Network;” the annual gathering draws together museum professionals from across the country who are interested in finding new ways to put digital technology to work in the museum context. The interest is strong [...]

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