Museum of the Bible has selected Curia to support its conservation and exhibition planning efforts, extending its reputation as a technological leader within the museum community.

Curia is a dedicated exhibition planning and management system designed to assist curators, conservators, registrars, and exhibition managers in the efficient planning of museum exhibitions. Numerous museums utilize Curia to expedite and optimize the exhibition planning and installation processes.

Museum of the Bible successfully uses Curia to collaborate on exhibition development as well as to facilitate a complex exhibition rotation schedule. The museum is steward to an extensive collection of ancient books and manuscripts. Managing an artifact rotation schedule, including tracking conservation needs, installation requirements, and associated exhibition labels is an incredibly complex task. Christopher Price, the museum’s Senior Registrar, recognized the need for a robust software solution that could help the staff keep the many moving pieces organized and on schedule.

Following a meeting at the annual AAM conference, Price started discussions with Curia. “I didn’t want another program that didn’t communicate with my collections management system,” Price says. “Curia has been a revolutionary solution.”

Curia offers museum staff a centralized platform for planning and managing the rotations process, giving curators, registrars, and conservators a space to collaborate. “It is so efficient when people from multiple departments can all contribute to the planning process and have eyes on the schedule at the same time,” says Price.

Curia’s communication capabilities provide a significant benefit, especially for a museum with staff in DC and Oklahoma City. The system enables Price and his team to collaborate effectively regardless of the location. “With Curia, we are on the same page with an effective planning tool.” “We’re transferring anything exhibition-related into Curia,” he says. “That’s the beauty of it; everything you need is in one place.”

Museum of the Bible is excited about Curia’s potential to drive efficiencies for the museum, enabling staff to focus on creative rather than administrative duties and improve collaboration and information-sharing with external institutions and researchers. “The more comprehensive and complete an exhibition is in the planning stages, the more efficient the installation will be for staff,” he says. “Museum of the Bible is one of the most technologically advanced museums in the world. Working with Curia enables us to maintain the highest standards of technology to enhance the visitor experience.”