We’re thrilled to share some exhilarating news with you today. Curia, your trusted tool in the realm of museum operations, is taking a monumental step forward. We are launching Curia SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), an enhanced version of our product that we plan to unveil this summer.

Curia is an advanced, user-friendly software solution designed specifically for the unique needs of museum professionals. Whether it’s evaluation, interpretive planning, or comprehensive exhibition planning, Curia serves as an all-inclusive solution, making it the best friend for organizations of all sizes and specialties. Our core aim is to streamline operations and improve efficiency in museums, and we are proud to have been a reliable partner for many.

The upcoming Curia SaaS is expected to take this vision even further. Our dedicated team has been working round-the-clock, carefully crafting a product that caters to your unique interpretive planning needs. We are committed to not just meeting your requirements but exceeding your expectations.

As we take this significant step, your input is crucial to us. We want to ensure that the new Curia SaaS is shaped and refined by the professionals who will use it every day. To this end, we’re conducting a market analysis survey and inviting all organizations that interpret and present exhibits to the general public to participate. This is your chance to help shape a product that could revolutionize the way your organization operates.